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Here's what professionals are saying about Audio Acupuncture™ Vibrational Energy Tapes:

As an experienced real estate agent and certified feng shui practitioner it has been amazing how the universe continues to connect me to wonderfully educated & spiritually led people such as Susan Young, who has opened many doors for me personally and professionally along with the Audio Acupuncture™cassette tapes.

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer, my first saving grace with Susan Young and the audio cassette tapes rescued me from a screensaver that was wearing on my aura making me very ill. Getting rid of the screensaver that was perpetrating my office surroundings and playing balance and gold harmony tapes put me back on track immediately feeling great in no time flat.

After spending some time with Susan, she has educated me on the various Audio Acupuncture™tapes. As everything is about energy, my family and I have had the opportunity to experience the changes in vibrational energy in our home as needed.

It's so wonderful when your family reaches for a tape rather than a pill to change the way you feel such as immune or repair.

As a real estate agent I have experienced, give testimony and recommend to sellers and other realtors using various Audio Acupuncture™tapes to change the subtle energies in a home getting rid of negativity, anxiety, anger or just emptiness and replacing it with positive energies bringing vibrations to a higher level making homes more desireable therefore bringing higher values and easier sales.

As a certified feng shui practitioner and space clearing expert I have incorporated the use of Audio Acupuncture™cassette tapes to help clear out old energies and filling the space with wonderful and inviting energies. I often make recommendations for various tapes to help people in their day to day lives. As a feng shui consultant I often use various cassettes like a fast forward meditation to prepare myself for feng shui and space clearing appointments.

I often use various energy tapes when preparing a room for a client or to teach a feng shui class using gold harmony to pick up the energy and then visualization so they really understand what I am trying to get across. In preparing myself for presentation or creating the right environment in my car for a client I might use quieting of the mind, balance, opening the third eye and visualization. Once I had an out of town client get into my car with a major migraine headache so I plugged in balance along with detox and she immediately felt better and we continued our appointment.

I could go on and on about all 40 some energy tapes! I have them all!

Counting my many blessings,
-- C. R., Real Estate Agent &
Certified Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher Dublin, Ohio

"E=mc2," Einstein said. Energy is mass and matter is energy. Energy, ultimately, controls everything. The Foundation for Science and Spirituality has many interesting p roducts, services and ideas. The products that I am most familiar with are their energy tapes which they call "Audio Acupuncture." Some of the titles of the are: "Cleansing of the Chakras," "Good Chi," "Detoxification," "Balance," "Gold Harmony One," and "White Light." Each tape costs $22 and they are a steal at that price. "Cleansing of the Chakras" and "Good Chi" are my two favorites. They really work. "Good Chi" gives you energy; "Cleansing of the Chakras" cleanses each chakra, meridian, and meridian line in the body.

I highly advise that each of you acquire at least these two tapes. Check them out.

-- Michael Laughrin
Intuitive Vedic Astrologer

As an owner of the Aurastar/Biopulsar, biofield imaging systems for approximately five years, I had the opportunity to witness first hand the effects of the Audio Acupuncture™Energy tapes and was surprised how fast the change took place within the people that were treated and measured before and after. We know (through working with thousands of people) that on the average a change of energy within individuals is typically five percent over a two- week period. We were seeing changes 40 to 50 points within hours. Even in myself I had been working with restoring the vitality in my root chakra for some time and was able to see the energy shift into balance significantly for myself as well.

-- Dianna Stahl
Reiki Master, Biofield Analyst
and Internationally Certified Colour Consultant

I would like to thank you for introducing me to the [Audio Acupuncture] energy tapes. They are very helpful in being aware of blocked emotions, releasing blocked emotions, and how to maintain a personís new awareness. I highly recommend these tapes. --Sincerely, FB, Massage Therapist

Comments by Anna Soter, Ph.D. on using the tapes

Review of Audio Acupuncture™Research, by Anna Soter, Ph.D.

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