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Photon Fingernails

Mitsuo Hiramatsu, a scientist in Japan working at the Central Research Laboratory at Hamamatsu Photonics, has led research showing that different parts of our body emit light. Prior research has shown us that most living things including plants release light. However, Mitsuo found that humans release light. All parts of the hands emit detectable levels of light with the fingernails releasing the most. Mitsuo told Discovery News that the hands, forehead and bottoms of our feet emit photons, or tiny energized increments of light. Mitsuo explained that "our hands are producing light all of the time", and that our fingernails produce the most powerful. Mitsuo and his teams used a photon counter to "see" it. This light is invisible to the naked eye. The photon counter found that fingernails release 60 photons, fingers release 40 photons, and palms release 20 photons.

A leading world expert on biologically-related photons, Fritz-Albert Popp at the International Institute of Biophysics in Germany, was not surprised by the finding. Popp believes that light from the forehead and hands pulsate at the same basic rhythm. When there is illness or dis-ease, the pulse becomes irregular in pattern and strength of the glow of the light. This was the case in a person they tested with M.S.

This discovery might lead to less invasive ways of diagnosing people. Let your light shine!

God's Thunder - Electric Plasma

Ancient artworks from around the planet are being reproduced in a modern laboratory using electrified plasma. Researcher Anthony Peralt has paralleled the ancient art of the Southwest Native Americans, Australian Aboriginal Petroglyphs, and ancient rock art from India, Sumeria and elsewhere, using electrical plasma. Is this another link to the Electric Universe Theory? Could science and mythology change our views on the study of humanity, history, the universe and solar system? Could this be a holistic view of the universe and beyond?

Particles that are free moving and plasma can reach interstellar space linking activity between the planets, sun and comets. In a way, isn't that what astrologers have always said? We know that when a planet is "aspecting" a person we can actually see it in a person's aura photo. The appearance is almost that of a "zipper" in the aura. How does that happen?

We also know that in Egypt there are many symbols of electric light bulbs not put into a light fixture, possibly indicating that the Egyptians were at least familiar with electric energy.

All of these things point to the fact that ancient civilizations had knowledge of how to use or manipulate energy. (Crop circles anyone?)

Meditation and Science

In today's complicated world, science and spirituality can and do work in a complimentary fashion. The spiritual and the empirical can truly learn from each other. Studies conducted by neuroscientists at both the University of Wisconsin and Princeton University have found direct links between meditation and brain activity. Regions of the brain thought to be associated with happiness, as well as those involved with empathy and attention span, are all affected positively by periods of meditation. As our scientific knowledge increases by leaps and bounds, and reaches new levels of sophistication, we must bear in mind that spiritual and ethical considerations must be allowed. Scientists must remember that their wondrous discoveries serve only to deepen our understanding of what it means to be human, and must therefore speak to our responsibilities to the natural world and our place within it.

New Beginnings

We now know of the existence of Indigo Children from wonderful aura photos of them, from the movie, "Indigo" and many wonderful stories from Drunvalo Melchizedek. There is also an excellent book to help with raising them called "The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children". They are widely considered to be "little masters", coming to help lead the way.

Before my son and daughter-in-law's second pregnancy, my grandson, Jacob, told us that his mom was going to have a girl and that the unborn child itself had communicated with him. He knew she would be blond with blue eyes, and that she would be born when it was cold. At the time, Jacob and I were spending a lot of time together, and she began communicating with me as well. This wasn't taken very seriously by Jacob's parents, who were not planning on having a second child. Soon, however, Jacob's mother began having more maternal feelings, and decided perhaps she should have another child before Jacob got much older. You see, he was 4 years old when he started hearing and talking to his unborn sister, who told Jacob that her name was to be Olivia.

Then, low and behold, Jacob's mom was pregnant, and both Jacob and I told her it was going to be a girl. Olivia insisted that Jacob tell his parents her name, but as her birth date grew near, they bought a book of baby names. As you can imagine, Olivia was quite upset and told Jacob to tell his parents she would be very unhappy with them if they did not give her her name. Regardless, Jacob knew she would not be upset with him, as he had tried to convince them repeatedly. When an early sonogram confirmed the baby was a girl (as Jacob had told them), they relented, and when she was born on November 22, they named her Olivia, just as she, the little master, had requested. It is amazing to see how she had the magnitude to cross through the veil to speak to us.

We hear from expectant mothers around the world now whose children communicate with them prior to birth. With this phenomenon, any question of reincarnation or at least about interlife goes out the window. Some of these mothers are even hearing the baby's life plan before they are born. Some mothers are receiving the information through dreams, precognition visions, or just hearing the child's voice. Some of these unborns tell of how they came from a non-physical place, and that they choose their parents carefully, something we already knew. We hear from Doctors Hartmut Georg, Max Hoffmeister and Dietrich Baurer that they have had this knowledge since 1986. This also dates back to Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophical writing analyzing spiritual aspects of birth esoterically and reincarnation.

This all speaks to continuity of spirit or soul, life after death, near-death experiences, and life between lives. This could change our understanding of our own life purpose and the universe.

See Books on our website The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children, Crystal Children, and DVD Indigo, Crystal, & Rainbow Children by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Very imformative! www.fssuniverse.org

February's Energy

February should free things up, revealing bigger principles. Old methods will fade away as new ideas push against them. Clear thinking is the potential plus. You will have a sharp mind, but we must take care in dealing with sensitive souls. Ideas, images, and impressions will flood our minds. Conversations will rely on intuition rather than intellect. This is an excellent time for imagination. It is a time for grand ideas and big thinking, with smaller details to follow later. Give promises sparingly and listen carefully. Words have consequences. Keep your ego under control about boundaries of reality. Gently nurture your dream. No rushing, please. Don't take your thoughts too seriously; exceptions plague our rules. It is especially important to choose confrontation only as a last resort. Then, a wonderful sigh of relief comes mid-month allowing for a greater variety of approaches to life. The welfare of all will be the wisdom. Act on what you really want. Sharing our truth can be healing for all concerned. Become the person you were born to be. Shine light on where you are trying to fit in. Honesty and authenticity make the difference now. There will be many forks in the road as our choices multiply, then a time of summing up, backward looking, and new beginnings. The pores of our skin will be absorbing impressions. We're into feelings now. Are you aware of the air you live in, such as a fish is aware of the water it swims in? There will be sharp differences of opinion. Be sure you can distinguish between aggression and playfulness. Discernment is a MUST at this time. Full consciousness of the mind will be normal evolution. Keep going even when your surroundings are not supportive. After feeling competence then doubt, our minds will move to a place of rest. The last week of February will be very busy, with a high level of energy. Beware of information overload! Know your truth, conform your actions, and be blessed.

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