Aura Readings

We will read your aura photos in depth to you over the phone.

From your aura photo we can tell if you if there are guides, angels, masters or other entities in your photos. We can tell if your charkas are opened or closed, what kind of energy you are drawing to yourself for the next three months and what kind of energy you are sending out.

We can also tell what organ systems you are functioning from, positive and negative qualities and lessons in your life, and what gems, minerals and foods best support you.

Also we can tell you how to move forward from where you are now.

We have taken read over 15,000 photos. Copy your aura photo to mail or email it to us. We'll reply by email to set up an appointment. Before you telephone us for your appointment, you can pay for your appointment in our online store.


  • 15 minute reading - $25.00
  • 30 minute reading - $45.00
  • 45 minute reading - $65.00
  • 60 minute reading - $85.00

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