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Natural Mosquito Repellant:

New research indicates that an oil found in catnip can be ten times more effective in repelling mosquitoes than DEET. This oil, known as Nepetalactone, can be easily extracted for use as a mosquito repellant. Herbalist Susan Wittig Albert suggests how:

Mash two cups of catnip leaves until the leaves moisten from the released oils. Place in a jar and pour three to four cups of vinegar over the leaves. Cover the jar and let it sit in darkness for two weeks. Shake the jar as frequently as you can. Strain the leaves from the liquid solution, and pour the liquid in a spray bottle. Spray on your body as you would a traditional mosquito repellant, being sure to keep out of the eyes.

For a quicker solution, try rubbing crushed catnip leaves on your skin. Or wrap a bandana around a few leaves to wear around your neck or forehead.