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Dear Foundation,

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the plane ticket to Colorado. My trip, although brief due to my schedule, was very enjoyable and rewarding for the both of us. My preliminary investigations of your property identified what may turn out to be a substantial Anasazi site. This site is located at the northern portion of your property within the valley of the Navajo River on what appears to be the first terrace of that river. Also, according to Susan, there are some kiln-like features located behind the house along an intermittent stream or ridgetop run-off of which I was unable to see when I was there due to recent rains. Susan, Paul, and I picked up some pottery pieces from the ground surface at the location of the site. These pieces (6) were taken back and cleaned by me at the house. Susan then took the pieces to a local archaeologist at the U. S. Forest Service, Bruce Ellis and a geologist, Glen Raby. I believe that if you are interested in proceeding with an archaeological dig at this site then further communication and planning should be developed in order to carefully and conservatively excavate the site according to available funding. A second alternative for the site would be to contact local universities within Colorado and/or New Mexico and see if any interested graduate student seeking an M.A. or Ph.D. in Anthropology/Archaeology and who is interested in Anasazi Period sites would be interested in performing archaeological investigations at the site for their dissertation topic. Of course, if you have other plans, then I am sure we can work something out together. I look forward to future communication with Susan and/or yourself.


Stephen M. Biehl



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