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What Is Radionics?

By The Radionic Association

Radionics is a method of healing at a distance through the medium of an instrument using the esp facility. In this way, a trained and competent practitioner can discover the cause of disease within any living system, be it a human being, an animal, a plant, or the soil itself. Suitable therapeutic energies can then be made available to the patient to help restore optimum health. Radionics was originated by a distinguished American physician, Doctor Albert Abrams (1863-1924) of San Francisco, and it has been developed by numerous other research workers and exponents including Ruth Drown, George de la Warr, T. Galen Hieronymus, Malcolm Rae; and David Tansley.

Basic to radionic theory and practice is the concept that man and all life forms share a common ground in that they are submerged in the electro-magnetic field of the earth; and, further, that each life form has its own electro-magnetic field which, if sufficiently distorted, will ultimately result in disease of the organism. Accepting that "all is energy," radionics sees organs, diseases and remedies as having their own particular frequency or vibration. These factors can be expressed in numerical values which are known in radionics as "rates" and radionic instruments are provided with calibrated dials on which such rates are set for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

The radionic practitioner, in making his analysis, uses the principle of dowsing by applying his faculty of extra sensory perception to the problem of detecting disease in much the same way that the dowser detects the location of water, oil or mineral deposits. The particular form of esp used in radionics is often referred to as "the radiesthetic faculty" through which the practitioner, by means of a series of mentally posed questions, obtains, information about the health of his patient to which the conscious thinking mind has no direct access.

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