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You might want to plan for some time before or after a retreat at Stone Rabbit to visit the hot springs. The Town of Pagosa Springs, which sits in a large horseshoe of meadows and woodlands between the Southern San Juan Mountains to the East and the La Plata Mountains to the West, is dissected by the beautiful San Juan river. The small town is the home of the largest and hottest hot springs in the world. The bottom of this spring has never been found. The water is also used to heat the buildings in downtown Pagosa Springs.

These naturally therapeutic mineral baths have been valued as far back as the Anasazi and the Native American population who first used them. The name "Pagosah" (which means 'healing water') was given to these hot springs by the Native Americans due to their experience that the properties in the waters could restore health and heal illness.

Today visitors soak in the Hot Springs and their 'miraculous' properties by bathing in the many small pools of various temperatures near the river. These pools with changing rooms and showers are owned by the Springs Inn. From these pools you can also get into the river to cool off.

Across the street, at The Spa Motel, there is a pure mineral water swimming pool and some hot pools. Both places have massage services nearby and provide accommodations.

What is it about the springs, that have kept people coming back, as well as attracting new visitors? There are many testimonials of people experiencing relief and cures from rheumatism, stomach ailments and skin conditions. Others just love to soak or swim in these healing waters after a hike, skiing, or a retreat! Pagosa Springs and Baden-Baden Springs have similar mineral content and are considered the most effacious mineral springs for the human body in the world.

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