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Radionics and Agriculture

Many agricultural researchers today acknowledge the connection between nature and what we eat, generating ideas on environmentally sound, economically viable, socially responsible agricultural systems. Much has been accomplished in understanding organic farming and sustainable agriculture practices. Less has been accomplished in understanding one practice, radionics

"The use of radionic instruments for plant and animal diagnosis and treatment is gaining increased attention in alternative agriculture circles. While several commercial labs and consultants in support this technology, little information is available through conventional channels like the Extension Service or land-grant colleges.

"Currently, radionics, and the related concepts of radiesthesia and homeopathy, are largely practitioner-based technologies. An exception is homeopathy, which receives some attention in mainstream medical journals. By contrast, all three are licensed, medical disciplines in the United Kingdom and several other European countries.

"Radionics is controversial. It is not yet recognized by mainstream agricultural science; thus, useful information is available only from select sources. Within the alternative (sustainable, organic) agricultural communities there are many reports of success among those who have given radionics a serious look; and the number of practitioners - farmers, gardeners, crop consultants, veterinarians - appears to be growing."

Source: Radionics In Agriculture by Steve Diver and George Kuepper, May 1997.

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