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It is very important to remember that each Energy Tape/CD/CD has a much broader spectrum of positive effects than is to be described here. In addition to the expected influences, you will enjoy your own unique experience, which depends on your level of energy field development and will progress and change along with your personal growth. We have named the cassettes for their primary applications; however, in reality they do much more. It is highly recommended that the first tapes used are Detoxification© and Cleansing of the Chakras© for several days before starting any other tapes.

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New! For a Happy Home©
Cleansing of the Chakras©
Quieting of the Mind©
Love To Heal©
Good Chi©
Addiction Release©
Positive Emotions©
Instant Energy©
Booster of Energy©
Inner Peace©
Concentration & Focus©
Gold & Silver©
Deeper Understanding©
White Light©
Mind With Heart©
Past Life Regression©
Opening the Third Eye©
Big Z©
Silver Water©
Silver Fire©
Pure Air©
Liver Detox©
Liver Support©
Gold Harmony One©
Nourishing Yin©

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