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    • Always drink at least an extra 8 oz glass of water before any tape experience.

    • Any type of stereo tape player may be used.

    • Use the two speakers of the stereo system, NOT earphones or headphones.

    • Speakers without metallic covers achieve the best results.

    • Adjust the volume to a level so that you can hear a white noise from the speakers.

    • Experience the tapes in a comfortable upright position, relax and close your eyes if you like.

    • Be alert for subtle energy manifestations such as unusual physical sensations, visual or auditory occurrences, or any other unusual experiences.

    • When the tape is finished, sit quietly or meditate for at least ten minutes when possible - the energy remains at a significant level in the room for 4 hours.

    • The energy will move from the subtle bodies and into the physical body fully in approximately 40 minutes.

    • Allow at least three hours between playing different tapes.

    • Do not use more than 4 different tapes in a single day.

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