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Human beings, as everything in the Universe, are comprised not only of the gross matter of the physical world however of the energy of subtle realms as well. Referred to as the "subtle body" by Indian yogis, subtle energy components of our organism are as complex as our physical body. For instance, acupuncture meridians are the "veins and arteries" of the subtle body, and subtle energy flows through them like blood through their physical counterparts. Ancient science teaches us that all changes in our physical body, good or bad, are actually initiated in the subtle bodies.

Increasingly, the Western world has come to realize that each one of us is much more than a physical body. Slowly accepting the amazing achievements of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Western Civilization has begun to seriously consider the validity of these ancient approaches to human well being. These approaches are based on the knowledge that the Universe consists not only of the physical world however, also of higher worlds of progressively subtler energies that act in concert with the physical.

Even though we cannot perceive subtle energy with our ordinary senses, it is essential to our mental, emotional and physical functioning as well as our spiritual development. The Chinese "Chi" and the Indian "Prana" are terms that recognize this vital energy.

Stress, unhealthy life conditions, negative thoughts, etc. may lead to corresponding distortions in the subtle body creating emotional, mental or physical illnesses. Correction of the subtle energy distortion may lead to the "reprogramming" of the subtle body and may act to prevent or correct the physical manifestation of imbalance. Healthy functioning of the subtle energy system is important for the physical body and mind. Therefore, treating just the physical body, without paying attention to the subtle body, is insufficient. Balancing and evolving our subtle system is paramount in achieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. We must take care of our subtle body and energy system.

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