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The Foundation for Science and Spirituality is continually exploring new methods to increase the vibrational frequency of all forms of life. This ongoing mission includes recent studies on the AuraStar2000 machine in conjunction with our Audio Acupuncture Vibrational Energy Tapes. We have found the AuraStar2000 to be a reliable, accurate measuring tool for the effectiveness of our Audio Acupuncture Vibrational Energy Tapes. Please review the results of our second study, which evaluates the effectiveness of the Energy Tape, "Love to Heal".

In the following charts you'll see sets of numbers accompanying each chart. When looking at the numbers 60 is the perfect number for an AuraStar reading of any chakra. I.e., the chakra is below 60 there are issues relative to that area and chakra to be worked on. If over 60 that chakra is being overworked and needs to be balanced.

Suppose the top number (crown chakra) or the second chakra number (brow chakra) are high. It means you are thinking too much and need balancing with the intuitive side of the brain. Meditation would help this greatly.

Also see the Chakra Guide for an explanation of the aura colors.

View the first gallery.

View the second gallery.

View the third gallery.

View the fourth gallery.

View the fifth gallery.

View the sixth gallery.

View the seventh gallery.

View the eighth gallery.

View the ninth gallery.

View the tenth gallery.


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