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The Foundation for Science and Spirituality is continually exploring new methods to increase the vibrational frequency of all forms of life. We are currently looking into the following:

  1. Results of testing effects of Audio Aucupuncture on chakras. and desscriptions of the tapes.

  2. Results of AuraStar2000 testing as a tool for measuring Audio Acupuncture™Energy Tapes. This section of the site consists of the detailed images and intrepretations for each subject for each test as well as summaries of the work. AuraStar2000 test 1, AuraStar2000 test 2

  3. Testing with a donated SEAD device (Subtle Energy Activation Device), a device that utilizes a Tesla coil to charge elements and add their frequency to the air, consequently having an effect on the frequency of a human being. We have documented the effects of the SEAD subjects with an aura camera before, during and after exposure to SEAD.

  4. Brief overview of radionics and an invitation for radionics research proposals.

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