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The Foundation for Science and Spirituality is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to find the crossroads between science and spirit and to raise the frequency of people on Earth, thus raising the frequency of Earth, and to share this knowledge with the world.

We achieve the first point of our mission through research to determine if spiritual forces can be harnessed to improve both the material quality of life and the evolution of the human spirit and through that process, raise the frequency of the Earth. The foundation seeks to scientifically test whether application of these forces to various human endeavors affect the outcome, to report on the results of these tests, and to develop processes to replicate successfully the results."

We achieve the second point of our mission by publishing the results of our research on our website so that others may receive the benefit of any tools that prove useful. In addition, the Foundation is developing a sanctuary for personal retreat and healing in Colorado.

Some of the ways in which the Foundation has been fulfilling this mission are:

  1. Development of Audio Acupuncture Energy Tapes;
  2. Testing of the result of use of these tapes using the AuraStar2000 and aura photography;
  3. Preliminary research into radionics. The Foundation will sponsor a more formal research project in radionics.
  4. A more direct process of raising the frequency of the earth takes place through the Foundation's activities in activation of the earth grid.

The Foundation was organized in 1986 when several minds shared a common goal, both spiritually and intellectually, and it was evident that their cooperation could usher an exponential increase in their abilities. The Foundation has benefited tremendously from many kind souls along the way, and we make every effort to credit those who have guided us. In that vein, we readily welcome input from all visitors of this site. Contact us with your thoughts.

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Science and Spirituality

If you are interested in membership, you can learn more.

What this Site Offers

We offer this information to achieve our mission of assisting you, the people, as you increase your frequency and the frequency of the Earth. If this information is of benefit to you or a loved one, we invite you to tell a friend or visit our store where you can purchase a wide array of therapeutic goods to aid your journey. The Foundation for Science and Spirituality is a non-profit organization, and all proceeds are invested back into the Foundation so that we may serve a broader audience. Here is an explanation of the sections of our site:

  • Audio Acupuncture: As the Earth is surrounded by the consciousness grid, so are our bodies. Unlock your potential with vibrational energy delivered through frequencies.

  • Aura Photos: The Aura Camera reads our emotional, mental and spiritual state and translates what our unconscious tries to tell us.

  • Aura Readings: Telephone aura readings from your aura photo.

  • Unusual Photos: As our frequency increases, we experience a higher degree of unusual phenomenon. See visual proof accompanied by our explanation or belief, and submit your view if you have another answer.

  • Science: Explore the Foundation's contributions to the scientific community through Audio Acupuncture energy tapes, radionics, AuraStar, SEAD, and archeology.

  • Radionics: Through vibrational frequencies we can maximize the vitality of any organism. Learn how crop yields can be greatly increased through Radionics, and about many other uses.

  • SEAD Experiments: The Subtle Energy Activation Device, or SEAD, is a device that utilizes a Tesla coil to charge elements and add their frquency to the air.

  • Archeology: See what physical evidence has guided our revelations.

  • Stone Rabbit Sanctuary: The Stone Rabbit in Pagosa Springs, Colorado is our southwestern sanctuary. Learn what we do at there and how you may take part.
  • Earth Grids: The Earth is surrounded by a consciousness grid. By activating the grid, we unlock our collective unconscious.

  • Star Nest: (Delta-T) A sacred Egyptian cubocthedron with feedback. Learn to explore your soul and spirit to realize your potential.

  • Retreats: We aid your spiritual and scientific development in locations free from distraction. Learn more.

  • Helpful Hints: Practical applications of our sharings.

  • Store: Purchase products the safe way on our secure server. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, and all profits enable us to serve humanity.

Important Notice:

The information presented here and the products offered herein are not presented with the intention of diagnosing any disease or condition or prescribing any treatment, and are not meant to substitute for the advice provided by a medical practitioner or proper medical care. In the event that any individual should use the information or products provided through this website without a licensed medical practitioner's approval, that individual will be diagnosing him or herself. No responsibility is assumed by the Foundation for Science and Spirituality should the information or products provided through this website be used in place of a licensed medical practitioner's services. No guarantees of any kind are made regarding the effectiveness of the products made available to you through this website.

Furthermore, the products offered through this website, and the statements made regarding such products, have not been recognized by any U.S. government agency or medical organization, and therefore the products offered have not gone through the testing necessary to deem them beneficial in the treatment of any condition or disease.

THE FOUNDATION FOR SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY DOES NOT MAKE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, REGARDING THE USE OF THE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE, OR AS TO THE ACCURACY OR RELIABILITY OF INFORMATION PROVIDED WITHIN. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, THE FOUNDATION FOR SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS AND IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Your use of this website, the products offered, and any information contained herein is entirely at your own risk and the Foundation for Science and Spirituality shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damages, including but not limited to, indirect, special, incidental or punitive, sustained as a result of the use of this website, the products offered, or the information contained herein.

Copyright 2002-2006, Foundation for Science & Spirituality, All Rights Reserved

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